Norway is the land furthest north in Europe where the air is clean and the water is cold, fresh and pure.

Norway is very environmentally friendly and our living is based on what the land can give us. We have mountains, fjords, rivers, waterfalls and the second longest coastline in the world.

Thats not too bad when you take into consideration that our population is only 5,2 million. Let's compare with another country thats similar in size, Japan… Japan is actually just a little smaller in size, but has 126 milion population. This comparison is just to visualize what Norway is all about… It's clean and cold!  

Clean energy.

Compared to most of the world which are getting electricity from coal and atomic power, Norway is spoiled with a lot of waterfalls, mountains and rain which gives us clean energy. This is one of the reasons that the air and water in Norway is so pure.