The history about the best water you will ever taste...

The Snøhetta story begins almost 17 years ago when Per Arne Brelin was hiking alone on his pristine snow covered lands and noticed apair of lone ravens flying high overhead. Of course he thought this was curious, for ravens never flew this deeply into the mountains, and suddenly all of the childhood tales of Odin and the Norse gods came flooding back to him. Everyone in the region knew the old stories passed around from mothers to daughters and fathers to sons, supposedly somewhere deep within the Dovrefjell range, Snøhetta mountain resides the hallowed halls of Valhalla. But this was merely a legend, wasn´t it?

Per Arne broke from the path and followed the ravens through the hills, it was a light winter and the going wasn´t so tough for someone invigorated by tales of their youth. His walk took him deep into the foothills and before too long the ravens came to rest at a bubbling spring. Per Arne drank deeply that day. This pure mountain water source was some of the cleanest, crispest and most invigorating water he had ever had in his life. He knew he had been given something special and decided then and there, that even if he hadn´t been led to the gates of Valhalla by Huginn and Muninn this may have been a gift from the gods after all.

Coming back to reality, Per Arne conducted extensive research and testing and discovered that this water is in fact as pure as any water can be. He compared it exhaustively to many of the other natural sources in Norway and every time the Snøhetta was far superior. It wasn´t just a feeling, now it was a fact. The Snøhetta source begins on the high mountain plateau where the water is absorbed directly into the mountain. Filtering through time into the moraine and deep hidden passageways on a lengthy subterranean journey through the stone, the water is imbued with a unique combination of trace minerals and natural elements. It may not pass through Valhalla, but we like to think Odin may have a hand in creating what we believe to be the best water on the planet. But don´t take our word for it, drink the legend yourself.

At Snøhetta we are fully committed to protecting and respecting the nature and our environment.


Geir Pram Kristensen
CEO, Boardmember
Bjørn Espen Wik
Sales & Marketing Director, Chairman
Per Arne Brelin
Quality Control, Boardmember
Jarle Hus
Boardmember, Consultant