Snøhetta Water Company

protects whats good

from the heart of


Norway is the land of ice, snow, and fresh water! Our trees are green and strong and the air is clean. Our mountain water is pure and fresh and blessed to be fed by millions of tons of glacial ice, into our fjords, waterfalls, lakes and rivers.

Pure norwegian drinking water

Our pure drinking water comes from the heart of Norway. From a strictly protected national park. Seven mountains in the park peaks higher than 2000 meters above sea level.

One of the reasons that this is probably the best water you will ever taste is the surroundings. Its pure and clean… the high mountain plateau is known for periods in the winter with extreme cold temperatures. Every winter it is often 30-40 minus degrees for several weeks in a row… in 1979 it was measured -52 degrees. These extreme cold temperatures disinfects and cleans the nature. In combination with the earth, the fauna, hydrology and geology this water is as good as it possibly can be!

Good for us. Good for nature.

Our packaging is produced by Tetra Pak and keeps our water fresh for three years. The cartons are eco-friendly which meets with our corporate environmental philosophy to take good care of mother earth.

Pure Mountain Water

Snohetta water is the best balanced water available in nature and satisfies all demands in the drinking water regulations for Norway, EU and every other region to which we have exported.

From our natural spring in Folldal

The contents of minerals is favorable from a health point. Low concentrations of nitrates, heavy metals and fluoride. And relatively high in calcium and bi carbonate. The PH is perfect.